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RaW Ep35: Leveling Up - EP40

RaW Ep32: Multiclassing

RaW Ep32: Multiclassing


Want something new in your game? Want to take your game beyond level 20? Want to create a Frankenstein's Monster of classes? Then multi-classing might just be for you!

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Master of None

Our key takeaways from multiclassing for beginners are to consider gradually taking levels from another class as you progress instead of creating your "stormblade, rider of wind" idea all at once, make sure to read up on the proficiencies and feats gained from that class, and that cantrips level with your character , not your class level.

While the difference between character level and class level might take some getting used to, as we say in greater detail in the show it's not so much if you take it in level by level.

For additional reference on multiclassing, check out the Player's Handbook: Chapter 6 pg. 163-165.

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