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RaW Ep35: Leveling Up - EP40

Short Rest - Level 20 Abilities Pt1 (Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid)

Short Rest - Level 20 Abilities Pt1 (Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid)


We spent so long complaining about the level 20 abilities so we thought we'd make our own!

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Super Rage (Barbarian)

Your trials in combat have unlocked your full potential. You have become Rage Incarnate and are able to dig into wells of strength previously known only in legend.

Usage: Once per long rest

Duration: 1d4 hours (cannot end short)

STR +2, DEX +2, CON +2, INT -4, WIS -4, CHA +2

Speed: +10ft

Jump: +20ft

You gain 1 size class larger

Death save: If you are reduced to 0HP and haven't raged since your last long rest, you return with 1HP in Super Rage.

The Song (Bard)

Some songs inspire dance. Some insight love. Others might provoke profound sadness. Your songs, however, dive deep into the soul and fundamentally alter one's state of being.

Usage: Must dedicate at least 8 hours to writing each song

Duration: Up to 1 hour, concentration

Every creature within earshot must roll an additional 1d6 for every roll they must take. Friendly creatures can add the results of the roll to their total, while enemies must subtract it.

In addition, the player of The Song may choose whether or not all creatures MUST dance during the duration of the song.

Divine Channel (Cleric)

Your attunement to the gods has been all but perfected. You are a perfect conduit for their power. While others may become mad from the incomprehensible planes between worlds, you are stranger no more to the Divine Channels.

Usage: Once per week

Teleport any amount of creatures you choose to any holy location dedicated to your god you choose.

Roll 1d10, where the following effects take place

On a 9-10: Your party arrives safely at your destination and is healed completely with any status negative effects (except curses) removed.

On a 7-8: Your party arrives safely at your destination and is healed 50% of their max HP.

On a 2-6: Your party arrives safely at your destination.

On a 1: Your Divine Channel is invaded by a Pit Fiend. Your party must survive 1d4 rounds against the Pit Fiend before the Channel allows further passage to your party's destination.

Divine Court (Cleric)

You have been an arbiter of justice in the name of your god that it has brought unprecedented attention from them. The Divine Courts have not heard a case from the mortal realm in epochs, until now...

Usage: Once per lunar cycle (month)

Teleport any number of creatures within a 500ft radius to Divine Court. If in combat, all combat is effectively over and a new phase begins.

The Divine Court is only comprehensible through the metaphors of worldly court with similar rules. Your god sits as judge presiding with all opposing parties in separate benches. The parties then are explained the rules of the particular court system by lesser divine beings, which will allow for a DM to provide any additional particularities to this god's system of judgement. If a rule is broken, the offender is punished as deemed fit by this god's sense of justice. Each party must speak their case in turn until a verdict is decided, in which case justice is then dealt in a manner fitting the offense. The verdict can rule in favor of one party against another, against both parties to the same or different degrees, or no offense may be deemed committed. Punishments may be anything between banishment from a plane of existence to complete destruction of the guilty party, or anything else depending on the nature of the god presiding.

The creatures must not be of similar power to your god. They do not have to speak a language to be comprehensible to your god, although you may not be able to comprehend their arguments or they yours.

Command Nature (Druid)

Your communion with nature has evolved into complete dominion over it. The forest walks for you now.

Usage: Once after every 8 hours of photosynthesis

Duration: 1 hours (or until ended early)

Summon a Treant . Once the summon ends, the Treant solidifies into an intensely strong shape of the caster's choice.


Please message us directly or in the comments if you've playtested these abilities and we'll feature your experiences and suggestions in a follow up episode!

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