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RaW Ep35: Leveling Up - EP40

Short Rest - Level 20 Abilities Pt2 (Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger)

Short Rest - Level 20 Abilities Pt2 (Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger)


Here's part 2 of our reworked level 20 abilities!

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No, It's My Turn (Fighter 0:00 - 4:30):

For one round, you can take another turn after each PC in combat.

Cooldown: Must do at least 4 hours of cardio to recharge.

In My Hands, Anything Is A Deadly Weapon (Fighter 4:30 - 6:25):

Like improvised weapons, but deadlier.

Any item you can hold becomes a 1d12 light weapon.

Three Weapon Fighting (Fighter 6:25 - 6:35):

Two weapon fighting + one weapon fighting

Cosmic Wisdom (Monk 6:35 - 9:45):

Choose 3 feats from the feats section and assign numbers on a d4 to them (one feat gets two numbers).

On a 1-2: get the feat chosen for this number range for the day

On a 3: get the feat assigned to this number as well as from 1-2

On a 4: get all 3 feats chosen for the day

Cooldown: Give someone inner peace 🌈

No U (Paladin 9:45 - 14:25):

For one turn (6 seconds), all party members within line of sight are enveloped into your shield of light (besides you), and are completely invulnerable to damage for the duration.

In addition, any damage received by a party member enveloped in your shield of light is reflected back as radiant damage.

Cooldown: you must convert a creature to your faith

It Looks Better On Me (Ranger 14:25 - 21:30):

Choose a physical trait from one of your favored enemies. Your body transforms to adapt this trait and all of its characteristics. This change is permanent and inherits up to one ability granted from the physical trait.


Zuggtmoy the Gross:

Heat Miser:

Mr Blobby (NSFL):

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